Movie Pirates Don’t Mind Waiting For HD Quality Releases


New data shared by piracy tracking company MUSO shows that most torrenting movie pirates prefer HD quality releases, even if they have to wait for months. The finding doesn't come as a surprise. It means that piracy volumes tend to be relatively low when there are only CAM releases available, but not necessarily that longer release windows result in less piracy overall.

The movie industry is changing rapidly. Release windows are shrinking which means that films become available in digital format sooner.

In some cases, theatrical and digital premieres take place on the same day. This is good news for consumers, as it increases their options.

Pirated HD Movies Become Available Quicker

Pirates are also happy with this new strategy. Instead of waiting several months, they can now download an HD copy right away. This is happening on a massive scale as we have seen with titles such as “Wonder Woman 1984”.

This change in the pira...

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Search Engines Won’t Face Monopoly Investigation Over Pirated Content


Pirated eBooks and similar content will remain in search results after Russia's Federal Antimonopoly Service declined to take action following a complaint from an anti-piracy group. According to FAS, Yandex and did not abuse their dominant positions by denying access to takedown tools because unfair competition can only take place when the parties operate in the same market.

Sending DMCA takedown notices for infringing content is something that happens millions of times every week in the West and while copyright holders feel the process is labored, huge quantities of content are quickly removed from search results.

In Russia the process has been streamlined following the signing of an anti-piracy memorandum and the introduction of a centralized takedown system. The signatories, which include the country’s largest tech and media companies, agreed to the creation of a database of infringing content, with the tech companies querying it and taking cont...

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RomUniverse Owner Opposes Nintendo’s $15 Million Piracy Damages Request


The owner of RomUniverse has asked a California federal court to deny Nintendo's motion for summary judgment, including $15 million in piracy damages. In a pro se defense, the owner denies that he uploaded pirated games, while pointing out that others had access to the now-defunct site and its social media accounts.

Nintendo regularly goes on the offensive by taking action against pirate sites and services.

The gaming company has sued several sites that offer pirated games, including RomUniverse, which it took to court two years ago.

The website facilitated massive online copyright infringement of many popular Nintendo titles, according to a complaint filed at a California district court

Nintendo said that RomUniverse made things worse by profiting from these copyright infringements by selling paid premium accounts that allowed users to download as many games as they want.


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New UK Police Unit Announces Two Arrests Following Pirate IPTV Investigation


A hitherto unknown police unit formed by City of London Police, the Intellectual Property Office and the North West Regional Organised Crime Unit, has announced two arrests in the UK following an investigation into pirate IPTV. The fledgling North West Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit says it executed five warrants and also seized electrical items, cash and counterfeit goods.

In summer of 2013, TorrentFreak learned that City of London Police had begin sending warning letters to torrent and streaming sites, advising them to shut down or face the consequences.

In December 2013, the launch of the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit was officially announced, with the news that the unit had secured £2.56m in initial funding from the UK government’s Intellectual Property Office (IPO).

Just a few months later, PIPCU announced the creation of the “Infringing Website List“, an official blacklist that is regularly used by advertisers in or...

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Yout v RIAA: Use of Technical Protection Measure Does Not Equal Abuse


Last October the company behind YouTube-ripping platform 'Yout' sued the RIAA for sending "abusive" DMCA anti-circumvention notices to Google. The RIAA responded by insisting that YouTube's rolling cipher is indeed an "effective technological measure." Yout has now fired back, stating that mere 'use' of a protection measure cannot be extrapolated into a circumvention violation.

In the wake of the RIAA’s effort to have ripping tool youtube-dl removed from Github, YouTube-ripping service went on the offensive.

In a complaint filed at a Connecticut court, Yout argued that previous actions by the RIAA against its service, including the delisting of its homepage from Google based on the allegation that Yout circumvented YouTube’s ‘rolling cipher’ technology, were wrongful and damaged its business.

RIAA Fights Back

As reported in January, the RIAA presented a robust response in a motion to dismiss, noting that just because Yout had ...

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Movie Companies Sue VPN Provider for ‘Encouraging’ and ‘Facilitating’ Piracy


The makers of popular films including "Hunter Killer," "Automata," and “I Feel Pretty,” accuse LiquidVPN's former owner of promoting and facilitating piracy. In addition to damages, the companies want the defendants, who are linked to a hosting company, to close common BitTorrent ports, terminate repeat infringers, and block several pirate websites.

A group of connected movie production outfits, including Voltage Pictures and Millennium Funding, has pursued legal action against key piracy players in recent years.

The makers of films such as “Hunter Killer,” “Automata,” and “I Feel Pretty,” went after individual file-sharers, apps such as Popcorn Time and Showbox, and pirate sites including YTS.

This week, the movie companies expanded their efforts by going after a man and company associated with the VPN provider “LiquidVPN.”

Movie Companies Sue VPN Provider

Technically, VPNs...

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Canada Court Asked to Ban Staples & Best Buy From Selling ‘Pirate’ Boxes


The operator of Canada's Super Channel has asked Alberta’s superior court to issue an order preventing Staples, Best Buy and other retailers from selling 'pirate' set-top boxes in their stores. Allarco Entertainment seeks an immediate injunction, claiming that the retailers' staff offer advice on how to use the devices for infringing purposes.

In September 2019, Super Channel owner Allarco Entertainment filed a lawsuit in Canada’s Federal Court targeting Staples Canada, Best Buy Canada, London Drugs, Canada Computers, several related companies and up to 50,000 ‘John Doe’ customers.

The controversial legal action saw Allarco accuse the retailers and their staff of promoting, encouraging and instructing in the use of set-top boxes that could enable buyers to access copyright-infringing content.

The complaint was supported by 100 hours of undercover recordings that purported to show retailers’ staff sh...

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ICANN Refuses to Accredit Pirate Bay Founder Peter Sunde Due to His ‘Background’


Peter Sunde is one of the original Pirate Bay founders, but in recent years he's mostly known for his role in various Internet-related startups. This includes domain registrar Sarek, for which Sunde tried to get ICANN accreditation. However, this request was denied, apparently due to Sunde's 'uncomfortable' background.

Peter Sunde was one of the key people behind The Pirate Bay in the early years, a role for which he was eventually convicted in Sweden.

While Sunde cut his ties with the notorious torrent site many years ago, he remains an active and vocal personality on the Internet.

In recent years Sunde has focused on several other projects. His links to the domain registration service Njalla and the Ipredator VPN are well known, and he also hosted the documentary series “Activisten” on Finnish television.

Sunde’s Domain Name Business

Sunde is also involved with th...

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U.S. Navy is Liable for Mass Software Piracy, Appeals Court Rules


The United States Navy is liable for a mass copyright infringement. The Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit sided with the German software company Bitmanagement, which accused the Navy of copying software without permission. Bitmanagement claimed more than $500 million in damages, but the final amount has yet to be determined.

The US Government regularly cautions foreign countries for their lacking copyright policies. However, it has its own issues as well.

Five years ago the US Navy was sued for mass copyright infringement and accused of causing hundreds of millions of dollars in damages.

Software Company Sues US Navy

The lawsuit was filed by the German company Bitmanagement. It’s not a typical piracy case in the sense that software was downloaded from shady sources. However, the end result is the same.

It all started in 2011, when the US Navy began testing the company’s 3D virt...

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Games Publisher “Cracked & Pirated” ‘The Sinking City’, Developer Alleges


Last week, Ukranian games developer Frogwares warned players not to buy the Steam version of its game The Sinking City, stating that it had not created it. In an announcement yesterday, Frogwares said that its own publisher, France-based Nacon, had "cracked and pirated" the game, uploaded it to Steam for profit, then tried to "cover up" the reporting trail.

Over the past few days a drama has been developing around the videogame The Sinking City.

Created by Ukrainian development team Frogwares, the company made the unusual step of taking to Twitter to warn consumers NOT to buy the version of its game that appeared on Steam.

In its tweet, Frogwares wrote that it had “not created the version of @thesinkingcity that is today on sale on @Steam. We do not recommend the purchase of this version. More news soon.”

Background: History of Legal Issues

After being released in 2019, The Sinking City was pulled from Steam a...

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